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Young Professionals Forum

Our industry, and indeed the entire Engineering industry, is facing many challenges and we need fresh ideas on how to tackle these challenges. We need to encourage young persons already in the industry to remain within the industry and we need to entice new entrants into Engineering. We need to ensure that Engineering is seen as a worthwhile profession and one where personal and professional growth is guaranteed.

It is our hope that the vigour, vibrancy and fresh outlook of the members of the YPF will be able to generate the new ideas that will be required at this time.

The YPF will offer a forum where the young professionals in the industry can be prepared for the future. There will be opportunities for

  • Continuing Professional Development. There will be training in technical and business skills.
  • Full and long term participation in ACEN and FIDIC activities, especially during the FIDIC annual conferences.
  • Networking among Engineers in the industry.
  • Participating in exchange programmes among other Young Professional Communities.
  • Mentoring Schemes.
  • Access to a very wide variety of online resources throughout the Engineering Industry world wide.

The members' vision will be the only limit to how much the forum can achieve and be used for and I invite all members to take full advantage of the opportunities that will be on offer.

Engineering is a profession that is challenging and being a Consulting Engineer is even more so. Every project offers an opportunity for the participants to learn new experiences and there will be many projects that will offer opportunities for the young engineer to be a part of the development of new and innovative solutions to Engineering challenges.


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